Holiday Travels – Thailand: Bangkok (Part 1)

So despite getting back from Thailand three weeks ago, I've only just sat down to write this post - oh the shame! Obviously catching up with work and the lead-up to Christmas was a busy time, so I'll let myself off 🙂 Anyway, Thailand was magnificent, incredible and just a joy to explore. We spent… Continue reading Holiday Travels – Thailand: Bangkok (Part 1)


Holiday Travels – Dittisham, Devon, England

Having taken rather a long hiatus from blogging due to dreary marketing assignments, I finally have some spare time to write again, yippee! I thought I would kick off with my most recent holiday to Dittisham, a delightful village by the River Dart in South Devon. I used to come here with my family for… Continue reading Holiday Travels – Dittisham, Devon, England