Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

I'm definitely a bit slow on the uptake with this as I'm pretty sure every beauty blogger has at least mentioned if not dedicated posts to the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, but here's my views on the Naked 3 palette - I love. I received this as a birthday present - it was at the… Continue reading Perfect Eyeshadow Palette


Charming Chanel Eyeshadow

I recently purchased a lovely eyeshadow pen from Chanel - the Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow, in shade '147 Caroube' and costs £23. It's a gorgeous brown-y, shimmery plum colour, for want of a better description. I initially wanted to buy the '127 Laurier Rose' which is, as the name suggests, a rosie peach colour… Continue reading Charming Chanel Eyeshadow