Battle of the Bronzers

In the red corner we have Soap and Glory... and in the blue corner we have Dior... Anyway, enough of the battling/boxing analogy - I thought I would write down my thoughts on some of the bronzers I have tried over the last few months, pictured left. (They have been used so unfortunately not as attractive as… Continue reading Battle of the Bronzers


Charming Chanel Eyeshadow

I recently purchased a lovely eyeshadow pen from Chanel - the Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow, in shade '147 Caroube' and costs £23. It's a gorgeous brown-y, shimmery plum colour, for want of a better description. I initially wanted to buy the '127 Laurier Rose' which is, as the name suggests, a rosie peach colour… Continue reading Charming Chanel Eyeshadow