Holiday Travels – Lisbon, Portugal

A rather belated Part II of my Portugal holiday post, see here for Part I: Holiday Travels, Sintra. After a delightful few days in Sintra, we took our hire car back to Lisbon Airport and took an Uber into Lisbon. Sidenote: Ubers in Lisbon are super cheap, and the drivers are so friendly and love… Continue reading Holiday Travels – Lisbon, Portugal


Holiday Travels – Sintra, Portugal

I have taken rather a long hiatus from writing blog posts due to work and studying, so I thought it would be good to kick off with a good ol' holiday blog post. Sit down and make a cup of tea, this is quite a long one! Three weeks ago we were in Sintra, which… Continue reading Holiday Travels – Sintra, Portugal


Korres Wild Rose Advance Repair Sleeping Facial

Hello again, it's been quite a while since I posted anything so I thought I would write about something I've really been enjoying using recently. This comes in the form of Korres Wild Rose Advance Repair Sleeping Facial. This is the first time I've purchased something from Korres - it's a brand that's been on… Continue reading Korres Wild Rose Advance Repair Sleeping Facial


‘Relatively Healthy’ Sweet Snack Recipe

I have been absolutely loving Ella Woodward's Deliciously Ella recipe book, which is full of ideas for healthy eating and clean living. She shows that you can swap your normal ingredients and meals for healthier versions without too much hassle. Most of the ingredients are relatively easy to source and she has really helpful sections on… Continue reading ‘Relatively Healthy’ Sweet Snack Recipe


Today I’m Wearing…Weekend Winter Warmers

With the cold and wet weather I'm finding it increasingly attractive to just stay in the house where it's warm and dry, but things like food shopping are necessary, cos y'know, a girl's gotta eat. So when I do have to brave the cold at the weekends, I like to keep it casual and warm,… Continue reading Today I’m Wearing…Weekend Winter Warmers