London Restaurant Recommendation: Sushi Samba

I haven’t shared many restaurant recommendations on here recently, so I thought I would share my views on my latest foodie crush: Sushi Samba in Bishopsgate, London, which I thought was fantastic. This is by no means a new restaurant, and I’m sure lots of people have already heard of it/visited it, but it took me a while to get there!

Located on the 38th and 39th floors of the iconic Salesforce Tower (formerly Heron Tower), Sushi Samba offers the highest dining experiences in Europe. It’s pretty exciting riding the lift up and watching as the vista of London falls away beneath your feet, and the views from the restaurant are awesome.

We visited on a Friday lunchtime in January, so it was busy but not too busy. I imagine weekends and weeknights are probably busier, and especially in the summer as they have a really nice terrace; so I would always recommend booking ahead for this place.

As its name suggests, it’s a sushi restaurant, but it’s a Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian fusion, and it works really well. We tried a lot of things on the menu, and I would highly recommend the Shrimp Tempura with snap pea julienne, spicy mayo, black truffle vinaigrette – it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

I think for our other dishes we went with sashimi and nagiri selections: a bit of snow crab here, a bit of tuna belly there, and it was just so good! And very visually appealing, as you can see.

The staff were really attentive and they didn’t make us feel rushed at all; we whiled away a few hours and ate as much as we possibly could! Savouring the food and the views, and thoroughly enjoying their great sake and wine selections.

It’s on the pricier side but it’s not ridiculous. So if you want to treat yourself or someone else and you love a bit of sushi and stunning views over London, then definitely check it out!


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