Holiday Travels – Thailand: Bangkok (Part 1)

So despite getting back from Thailand three weeks ago, I’ve only just sat down to write this post – oh the shame! Obviously catching up with work and the lead-up to Christmas was a busy time, so I’ll let myself off 🙂 Anyway, Thailand was magnificent, incredible and just a joy to explore. We spent two weeks there from 26th November to 9th December, visited five different places, and stayed in six different hotels; and it was pure bliss.

I feel that each place we visited deserves its own post as I want to do them justice and there is so much to say, so I will be publishing more in due course. We went to Bangkok twice, at the beginning and end of our trip, so this is going to be Part 1 of 2 and will focus on our first stay in Bangkok, because I don’t want this to be the longest blog post in the world. Flights to Bangkok were about £500 return in late November-early December; we chose this time of year because the weather is just what we wanted – warm but not too hot and little chance of rain.

We started off the holiday as we meant to go on! Staying in a luxurious hotel called Lebua at State Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok. We stayed there for just one night to break up the travelling, our room was a suite (I can’t recall if we booked this or were upgraded free of charge) but either way, it felt pretty fancy having two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen area. The view from our room was amazing – all high rise buildings reaching up to the sky.

View from Lebua State Tower #2

We arrived in the late afternoon so we had a bit of time to admire our surroundings (and have a quick nap – you know, jet lag and all that) and then set off to the 64th floor(!) to have dinner at one of the hotel’s (and apparently one of Bangkok’s best) restaurants, overlooking the city, at Sirocco. Me being me, of course I had booked this months in advance, but you do have to reserve well ahead as it gets booked up very quickly.

We donned our glad rags and shot up in the lift to the rooftop, and were shown by the staff to what I can only describe as one of the most dazzling views I have ever seen. As we walked out onto the terrace, the view just hit me; the night-time lights shining everywhere I looked. We were shown to the bar area and (somewhat accidentally) ordered a very expensive bottle of champagne; I really wasn’t paying attention when they showed us the drinks menu, as I was so floored by the view! Anyway, it was very good and set the evening off perfectly. Our table could not have been in a better position – right by the balcony and directly looking out over the city.

View from our table at SiroccoThe staff were so amenable and friendly, and were very well-versed in the art of photo taking; snapping away from every angle around the restaurant with these special little ring-torches. I was very impressed!

On to the food, which was absolutely incredible. We started off with oysters as we were keen to try them again (our first experience left us a bit unsure), and we weren’t disappointed. They were delicious and accompanied by some delicious sauces.

Oysters at Sirocco.JPG

We decided to have the chef’s tasting menu, which was around 7 or 8 dishes I think, all delicious and wonderfully presented. We also chose to have the wine pairing, which was a great idea because their choices went so well with the food.

Another element that made this restaurant and our meal so special, was the fantastic live jazz band. The singer had a beautiful voice and it gave the restaurant even more of an atmosphere and a great buzz. With the backdrop of the giant dome perched on top of the hotel (which houses another restaurant) it really was a beautiful sight to behold.

Dome and jazz singer at Sirocco

Photo of me at Sirocco

Sirocco is definitely not the cheapest restaurant in Bangkok, it’s probably one of the most expensive, but it’s a real treat and we saw so many people having their birthdays and celebratory meals there. We whiled away a good few hours here, completely relaxed and chatting away, drinking in the views (and the wine!) and enjoying this beautiful place. If you want an extra special meal when you’re in Bangkok, head there.

Just look at these views!

View from other side of Sirocco #1View from other side of Sirocco #2

After admiring the backdrop from every angle, we headed back to our hotel room to get a good night’s sleep ahead of our travels to Khao Yai National Park the next day (more of this to follow in my next post).

Before I end this blog post, I have to mention the breakfast at Lebua – it was amazing. I have never seen such an array of food; from every pastry under the sun to eggs cooked any way you liked and more types of cereals, fruit and juices than you could shake a stick at. The restaurant itself was beautiful as well, with indoor and outdoor seating to make the most of the sunshine.

Breakfast at Lebua

I hope you have enjoyed the first of my Thailand blog posts, there are several more to come, and as you may be able to tell we had a wonderful time.


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