The Most Impressive Eye Palette – Zoeva Caramel Melange

It’s my first foray into Zoeva products and I have to say, if all of them are as good as the Zoeva Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette, then I want ALL OF IT.

Zoeva palette pic 1

Just look at it – it looks like the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The packaging is gorgeous, and it’s very slim so it’s easy to put in your handbag; and the contents don’t disappoint either. Zoeva palette pic 2.jpg

Ten beautiful powder shades, all quite sultry and as the name suggests, caramel-hued. They’re highly pigmented with great staying power and they’re easy to blend. It doesn’t come with a brush (which doesn’t bother me as I dislike those little brushes) so I enjoy using these with the Becca 104 brush.

Zoeva palette pic 6From left to right, top to bottom, these shades are: (1) Wax Paper – a very pale cream/bone colour; (2) Universal Delight – a pale beige;
(3) Aftertaste – a gorgeous orange which looks quite bold but is actually really wearable;
(4) 182°C – a lovely pale rose gold; (5) Liquid Centre – as the name suggests, a molten copper colour; (6) Alchemy – a matte pale brown/orange; (7) Start Soft – a great coffee colour; (8) Finish Sensual – the perfect smokey brown; (9) Almost Burnt – a gorgeous soft gold; and last but not least, (10) Edible Gem – an intriguing glitzy aubergine shade.

I’m loving experimenting with these shades as I love a smokey eye, but these really add a bit of interest. And at only £17.50 it would be rude not to!

I’m so impressed with this palette, and will definitely look at more of Zoeva’s products – many beauty bloggers rave about their makeup brushes so those will be added to my wish list!



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