My New Makeup Love

You’ve probably all heard of the ‘Beauty Blender’ – the little makeup sponge that makes applying foundation a doddle. I own the budget version of this by Real Techniques, called the ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge‘ which I mentioned in my ‘Fool-proof Makeup Brushes Post‘. You can buy it in Boots for £5.99 which I think is a bargain.

I love this little dude – it makes my foundation application 100 times better. I find that it definitely helps to even out the foundation and the angled part of it really pushes makeup into the skin so that it doesn’t just sit on top and look cakey. It also helps me to use less foundation because I’m not tempted to keep trying to blend it and re-apply it. It also works brilliantly with concealer – with the pointed tip or even the angled part, I can get right into the little nooks at the side of my nose and under my eyes and it blends like a dream.

Sponge pic 2

Now we all know that using one of those magnifying mirrors is never a good idea (no one needs to get that close to your face), but I have looked after applying my foundation with the sponge and it looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I use a full coverage foundation and it looks quite natural. Perhaps if you use a lighter foundation or a tinted moisturiser you may not want/need to use a sponge, but using it for a fuller coverage works really well for me. I’ve not found a successful way of cleaning this sponge, so I do find that I need to re-purchase one every couple of months but at this price tag and the amount of use I get per application, I’m quite happy to do so. But if you know of a good way to clean it, do let me know.

Say goodbye to #foundationfingers


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