‘Relatively Healthy’ Sweet Snack Recipe

I have been absolutely loving Ella Woodward’s Deliciously Ella recipe book, which is full of ideas for healthy eating and clean living. She shows that you can swap your normal ingredients and meals for healthier versions without too much hassle. Most of the ingredients are relatively easy to source and she has really helpful sections on why certain foods are better for you and the ingredients that she relies on for most of her cooking. Her back story is inspirational, going from someone who had a debilitating illness to curing herself simply by changing her diet.

Now I should hasten to add that I love a lot of food that is ‘bad’ for you – chocolate, pizza, bread, pasta, pretty much anything with carbs. But I am trying to add in some healthier foods and exercise more, and I really love the recipes in Ella’s book for the healthier snacks – particularly the ‘Simple Oat Cookies’ recipe, which makes about 12 cookies. This recipe doesn’t seem to be online but the method is very similar to the Chewy Sultana Cookies recipe here,  apart from the ingredients differ. In the Simple Oat Cookies recipe you use: 3 bananas,  1 tbs coconut oil, 4 tbs almond butter, 4 tbs maple syrup and 180g oats. It’s just mixing everything together until smooth and then adding the oats, I use my food processor to make sure everything is well mixed and it forms a gooey mixture.

I added ‘Relatively Healthy’ to the title of this post because the ingredients are: bananas, almond butter, coconut oil, maple syrup and oats. So healthy ingredients, but the maple syrup contains a fair bit of sugar. But better for you than processed sugars and the oats help to keep you full for longer, and they taste so good!. I like to take these to work to avoid eating sweets and crisps, and there are a lot of other recipes that I’m dying to try, like her Sweet Potato Brownies recipe.

Ella also has a new book called Deliciously Ella Every Day, which I will definitely be purchasing!


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