Body Shop’s Skincare Saviours

Hello again and Happy New Year! As my first post of the year, I thought I would start with a bang – with something that has really helped my skin out through the Christmas binge-eating-chocolate period. Most of us will have eaten copious amounts of food that our skin doesn’t agree with, so I thought I would share these gems from the Body Shop.

Body Shop Vitamin E products

The two products below are from the Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, which aims to protect the skin from the damaging effects of our environment (e.g. pollution, UVA/UVB rays, etc.) and to protect the skin from premature ageing. The range is suitable for all skin types, which is handy when if, like mine, your skin just can’t decide whether it’s oily/combination/dry/dehydrated or if it’s just sensitive.

My sister-in-law recommended the Vitamin E Moisture Cream to me – I went for the limited edition version with the funky lid which is £12 for 50ml, but their normal version is the same price. This moisturiser is quite light but it does feel really hydrating on the skin, and is supposed to be particularly good for dry skin. I use it in the morning as I prefer something a bit heavier at night. I’m really pleased with this cream: it’s light, non-greasy and has helped clear up my Christmas chocolate-induced spots which is no easy feat! My skin feels really soft and hydrated, so a big thumbs up for this.

The other product that has significantly helped my skin is the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser which is £9.50. Again, this is a light product which can be used to remove make-up and impurities gently, whilst softening and conditioning the skin. I use this as a morning cleanser as I like a cream that I can wash off with water – it’s refreshing and wakes me up a bit. If I was to use this as a night-time cleanser, I would use it after make-up remover as I like to make sure I get every scrap of make-up off my face. But if you don’t wear much make-up or if you like using a cleanser to take it off, then I’m sure this would be fine. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated – not dry and tight like some cleansers. Caroline Hirons who is a skin-care guru, has recommended this cleanser, so if it’s good enough for Caroline, it’s good enough for me! She has written a helpful blog piece for the Body Shop where she talks about the importance of cleansing.

There are lots of other products in the Vitamin E range, so depending on your skin type/skin concerns, there may be some other more suitable products. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil, so I might try that one next.



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