Today I Bought… Luxurious Hand Cream

Not the most thrilling of purchases, but one that I am extremely happy with. I ventured into Covent Garden in London and ended up in the L’Occitane shop which is so beautiful, I just wanted to buy everything! But as I have been looking for a nice ‘posh’ looking hand cream to go in my bathroom, I settled on their ‘Lotion Tonifiante’ for hands and body.

It drew me in with its lovely apothecary-looking bottle and it’s quite a bit larger than the other hand creams they do, which is what I was looking for. It’s got all natural ingredients and is made of a blend of essential oils and Shea butter.

That may irritate some sensitive skins so possibly one to avoid if you don’t like skincare with those ingredients. To my nose it smells like lemongrass and pepper – it has this lovely zingy, refreshing scent. I’ve also noticed a big difference in how soft my hands are just after one day of use.

So all in all, I am a big fan of this and would recommend it if you’re happy with the ingredients in it. If not, L’Occitane do lots of lovely hand creams. This one is a bit pricey at £20, but it should last a fair amount of time as it’s 240ml.


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