Top Nail Polish Picks

I’ve fallen back in love with my nail polishes recently – I go through phases where I wear them a lot and rediscover ones I haven’t worn in a while, and then I’ll go ages without touching them. I had a clear-out recently and got rid of some of the ones that were past their best, which made me want to do a post about some of my favourites. I think these also represent my favourite nail polish brands at the moment. So here goes…

First up is this gorgeous Nail Laquer from Kiko in shade 48 (below left). This is my favourite summer polish as it’s quite neon and bright, but it’s actually a lot easier to wear than I first thought. The formula is great, long-lasting and really easy to apply. I really like Kiko, which if you haven’t heard of it, is an Italian makeup brand. Their products are fab as they’re affordable yet all of the products I’ve used have impressed me. Their shops are so colourful and just choc full of products – it’s a very fun shopping experience.

The O.P.I Nail Lacquer in shade ‘Big Apple Red’ (above right) is such a lovely, juicy red shade which has that bluish tone to it, so in my eyes, it’s the perfect go-to red. It looks really nice on toenails, very sophisticated. The brush is a good shape and it’s such a lovely, shiny formula which glides on. O.P.I’s nail polishes are designed to use in salons and it shows – you get a really lovely application even if, like me, you’re a bit messy when it comes to painting your nails.

Then comes the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in the shade ‘Dragon Fruit’ (below left). This is more of a baby pink shade with a slight neon tint to it. Again, quite a good spring/summer shade when you want to brighten things up a bit. Like its name suggests, it’s a good shiny polish and it goes on easily. Barry M is another affordable makeup range which delivers good results.

The blue/purple nail polish above right is Nails by Topshop in the shade ‘Plume’. This shade is such a gorgeous shade that changes colour depending on which light you’re in – it’s ideal for when you want to dress your nails up a bit. I find the Topshop nail polishes really easy to apply and they last a fair amount of time.

So I hope this has given you some nail-spiration. I feel like autumn is such a good time of year to pick up new beauty bits and experiment a bit.


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