Today I Bought… Brilliant Boots

I thought I should share my latest purchase as I have found my perfect winter boots – sorry, I know it’s depressing thinking about winter in August but I’m a forward planner! These boots are from H&M and are £19.99. I wore them today to work and I’m in love ❤

I’m nearly 6ft tall and I don’t wear high heels very often – particularly not for work as I do a walking and train combo and I don’t deal with heels well. These boots have a small heel and make my work dresses look a bit edgier (yet still work-appropriate) and BIG bonus: they keep my feet dry in the horrid wet conditions we’ve been having.




2 thoughts on “Today I Bought… Brilliant Boots

  1. They are the perfect boots for everyday! I live in Australia and it’s winter here (winter, but still 28 degrees in the day) and I can never find these type of boots because it’s not cold enough. You found a good one!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog


    1. Thank you Megan. I’m very jealous of your 28 degree heat in winter – it’s summer in the UK and it’s less than 20 degrees! H&M do some great affordable boots, and I’m sure that brands such as Zara and TopShop have some good options as well.


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