Aspinal of London Mini-haul

I have had a bit of an obsession recently with Aspinal’s travel accessories, particularly as they had a sale until the end of July.

With my recent holiday to Kraków and Prague, I really wanted to adorn my new suitcase with some cute but practical luggage tags (you get a big and a small one) and buy a passport cover….and a card holder… Which actually is a very economical purchase as I will use my card holder every day in London on the trains – it’s all about cost per wear/use people!

I really like the colours of the Aspinal range and the gold lettering. I got my initials on my passport cover which was free, I think they still offer that but not on all of their travel accessories.

As you can see, I went for a neon pink colour-way and if my purse had allowed, I could have gone all out and bought a matching pouch – perfect for putting all your paraphernalia in for a night out; or a lovely travel wallet to hold currency, boarding passes etc. I LOVE matching things, particularly when they’re so pretty and help to keep your belongings organised. But I did show some restraint and stopped at three matching things. Coordinated with my beloved Aspinal Marylebone Light Tote which is perfect for travelling as it’s so roomy and slouchy.

Although the Aspinal sale has ended, they do have new travel accessories in some snazzy colours. I love the travel wallet in deep fuchsia


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