Lipstick Review: Rimmel London Lipstick by Kate Moss

Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Nude Collection which I bought from Boots. I think most beauty bloggers have done a review of this lipstick by now, but I thought I would weigh in! I picked up the shade ’45’ as it’s got a lovely pinky/peachy colour to it. I thought as I’m quite fair, some of the other shades would be a bit too pale for me. I was after the whole ‘my lips but better’ natural finish thing, and this is the closest to my natural lip colour, but there are four other shades to suit other skin tones.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Nude Collection

I must say, I’m really pleased with it. The colour is lovely and definitely looks natural but just a bit more ‘finished’. It’s also quite buttery which I really like, as I find that some lipsticks (particularly of the drugstore variety) can make my lips a bit dry. It has a fair wear time on it, I think mine lasted for a few hours on quite a hot day before I had to reapply. So whilst it won’t last all day, it’s a good amount of time and as it’s nude, it’s easy to reapply. I also really like the sweet smell of it, yum! So all in all, I really like this lipstick, particularly for the £5.49 price tag – it’s well worth it.  They also have some nude nail polishes which I have yet to try – Salon Pro by Kate Nude Collection. I’m eyeing up the ‘Bare Yourself’ shade.


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